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We've just started shooting our feature film FREEDOM, TRUTH, CHAOS, DEATH!


This movie will be a psychotronic roller coaster, just like we like them.


Filming will be taken place from January to May.


Here's some pictures from our first week of shooting.

Daniel and dog.jpg
Cast, crew, dogs.jpg
Cast and crew after the first day.jpg


Actors are wanted for the feature film "Freedom, truth, chaos, death", which is being made on a micro-budget.


Recording location: Stockholm. Filming will begin in early 2024.


Plot: The year is 2040. A mysterious lung disease is spreading across the world, and country after country is shutting down. Various degrees of travel bans, meeting bans and curfews have been introduced with expensive fines and compliance is monitored in some countries by armed police. In connection with the Swedish government giving the green light for vaccine passports to be used in restaurants and shops, it will also be forbidden to demonstrate. Discontent boils among the population, and strange alliances are formed. Ordinary outraged citizens gather with far-rights, vaccine critics and new agers to talk about how to win back their lost freedom. Slowly but surely, a resistance movement is emerging. This is the story of that movement. And their enemies.


Imagine if Robert Altman made a psychological thriller in a conspiratorial setting, but with elements of slashers and exploitation films.


About twenty roles are needed both main roles and supporting roles.


We are interested in blurring the line between the fictional and the real in the acting.


So, meritorious if you have knowledge of conspiracy theories.


If you also have experience of improvisational theater, that is also an advantage.


We will not record the entire film in one go, but we will approach the film as a documentary film and can therefore adapt to you as a participant.


Salary: Profit sharing. That is, you work for a share in the film.


After the film is ready, it will be sent to festivals at home and abroad and it will also be distributed to various streaming services via the Filmhub platform.

If interested send me a mail:


Hope to hear from you!



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Tonight we had a private screening of ”Alma wants new playmates” at Biograf Zita. Such a fun night! Got loads of feedback and questions like: ”Is Ingmar Bergman an influence?” and ”What the hell is wrong with your vampires?” Looking forward to more screenings!



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