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Savage nights, despairing days

Feature / 65 minutes.

Genre: A semi-documentary drama.

You can watch it for free here.

Synopsis: In an increasingly polarized Sweden it can be tough to find ones place in society. This is something that David experiences after his divorce, while trying to build up a new life for himself.

FDVN - Finala versionen SLUTMIX.00_10_29_11.Still023.jpg
FDVN - Finala versionen SLUTMIX.00_12_43_14.Still017.jpg
FDVN - Finala versionen SLUTMIX.00_05_05_13.Still021.jpg
FDVN - Finala versionen SLUTMIX.00_05_58_11.Still022.jpg
FDVN - Finala versionen SLUTMIX.00_41_31_14.Still019.jpg
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